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Bringing Families Together
 Bringing the Family
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Custom Family Pictures  

We take your photos of family, friends and pets and create a New Image. The following image used 6 images of 4 families, from 6 different time periods.  Its a really special and great way to remember family members that have passed away.

Custom Family Calendars

Family Members can remember their loved ones all year round.  We take your photos and make a custom calendar for each family member. 

Calendars have all Birthdays and Anniversary dates of everybody, so family members can know each others birthdays and anniversaries to plan parties, make phone calls and send birthday cards.

Pictures for a specific month can be family members whose birthday or anniversary are in that month.

or a picture that contains both the person the calendar is made for and the person who’s birthday is for that month.

Calendar can have multiple images per month.  Calendar Templates can have different background images and themes.  We can digitally scan images and copy images from Facebook.

These make excellent gifts for Christmas and help keep the families connected with each other throughout the year.